Asking the right questions to get to your right answers

Listening deeply, beyond words. Holding space for you to do your very best thinking. 

Speaking from a place of experience and life long learning.


'The coaching sessions I had with auriel have been truly transformative for me. I'm aware 'transformative' is an overused word, but on this occasion it's the most apt way of describing the impact of the work we did together.

The quality of the wide-open space auriel creates and the incisiveness of her always beautifully phrased questions meant I was able to step out of my own way and allow myself to take on a number of pretty positive but also scary challenges.

I knew coaching was a powerful tool for change, but some how auriel turbo charges that process with her intuitive wisdom, her empathy and her deep positive regard.'

Janneke Geene, Head of Special Collections
Manchester Metropolitan University


'auriel delivered ten 90 minute Professional Development sessions at level 6 over the course of a week at BIMM Manchester. From initial communication, through planning, delivery and evaluation, auriel has been friendly, adaptable and highly professional - feedback from both tutors and students alike has been universally glowing. The sessions themselves were highly engaging and delivered in an imaginative and creative way. auriel is an inspirational and charismatic practitioner and I look forward to working with her again in the future.'

Michael Hosker, Music Business Course Leader
BIMM Manchester (British and Irish Modern Music Institute)


'I approached auriel to help me gain a strategic overview of Artfelt’s position and explore routes towards our goals for the future. I found my coaching sessions with her invaluable and relished the designated space to discuss my thoughts without interruption. 

My role can be incredibly busy, so it was such a relief to leave all the work to auriel. She would send drafts for me to edit and in no time we had a strategy I am really proud of. Even better, this allowed me to gain the funding needed to achieve Artfelt’s immediate goals and has undoubtedly strengthened our future.

I would have no hesitation in recommending auriel and can’t wait for the time when I need to work with her again to plan our next big dreams - she is now an integral part of our journey.'

Cat Powell, Director
Artfelt: The Children’s Hospital Charity Sheffield


'auriel is an impressive speaker: welcoming, open and engaging. She strikes the right balance between facts and personal anecdote, extrapolating themes and information from her stories.

Through life experience and academic expertise, auriel is able offer new ways of seeing the world, and for her audiences to come away thinking differently. An inspiring and informative speaker.' 

Liz McIntyre, CEO&Director
Sheffield Doc Fest


'Looking back, I was really struggling with a much bigger question of figuring out my personal and professional identity at a time of considerable transition in my life. I was finding it hard to reconcile the "old" me with the "new" me, let alone figure out where I wanted to get to in life in the future, and how on earth I would get there... and for me, this all came down to, "how do I introduce myself?".

At a pivotal point in my career and life, Auriel helped me to believe in my own strengths, and figure out how to talk about them. This was incredibly impactful at the time, and the impact continues to reverberate to this day, nearly a full year after I had my first of four sessions with Auriel. I feel very fortunate and happy that we have gone on to become firm friends and collaborators.'

Laura Bennett, Board Member
Sheffield Local Economic Partnership (LEP)