Coach, teacher, thinker, speaker, poet

Specialising in business leadership and personal development in the creative sector. Working with organisations as strategist and change maker. Using creative techniques to challenge individuals and groups to achieve the changes they want.  

An honest broker, making relationships work better so that change begins. Putting the heart back into working lives.


Qualifications include a BSc. in Psychology from Durham University and an MSc. in Coaching and Mentoring from Sheffield Hallam University.

A qualified Time to Think coach and an Accredited Miro Psychometrics Practitioner.

Currently undertaking Doctoral research for a PhD in Professional Development: Psychological Perspectives with University of Canterbury Christchurch and the Professional Development Foundation researching the connections between Coaching and Art.

Accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) at senior practitioner level. Also a member of the Board at Sheffield's Site Gallery.


Some insights in the press.


‘Speaking your truth is hard’
Arts Marketing Association

'As a mentor new to the ADA fold, Auriel Majumdar knows what it takes to work with people and their inner thoughts and feelings in order to bring out their best when external forces seem to be too challenging.’

'That's bloody magic, isn't it'?
The City Talking

'I hate the phrase ‘don’t get too big for your boots,’ because I want everybody to outgrow their boots and get new boots. But calling people out on bullshit? I’m all about that, and this city is brilliant at it.'


'Scene but not heard: Why #sheffieldgirl had to happen'
The State of the Arts

'It's enough to make you quite angry. It was enough to make Auriel Majumdar flashmob Facebook and Twitter with her brilliant #sheffieldgirl posts...Timelines went crazy, and we loved it'.


'Working with artists: implications for our developments as coaches'
EMCC International Research Conference

'The concept of ‘psychological mindedness’, the capacity for self-reflection and insight is a familiar one for coaches...In this workshop I will reflect on my coaching work and PhD research with artists and propose a new concept of 'artistic mindedness'.


'We are all pioneers: breaking through frontiers:
past, present and future.'

'I believe in people, I believe in the things we do together and I believe in the mistakes that we make and the things we learn along the way.
I believe in the hand on the shoulder when someone is sad, the touch that says, we aren't alone in this, I know it hurts but trust me.
I believe we are all pioneers.’